Goerwitz.com Now Hosted Off-Site

For years I've been running a website, mail server, firewall, and other network services off of Dell PowerEdge servers, using Linux as my core server OS.

Frankly this has been using up a lot of power and costing me a lot of money, so I've decided to get rid of stuff—and go to something leaner and more outsourced. This site is one result of that effort.

More generally, I've been moving to:

  • Small, cheap SATA-RAID network attached storage for the intranet
  • Google for mail, calendaring
  • GoDaddy for web hosting, DNS
    • Drupal for content management
    • Possibly Coppermine for photos - but maybe Drupal
    • MX records pointing at Google
    • A records pointing at GoDaddy hosting servers
  • Dynamic DNS for the home

Once this move is done, I can basically scrap the big old PowerEdge servers I have lying around my house, which are nearing the end of their lifetimes.