Amy and Richard's Résumés

Available here are résumés for Amy and Richard Goerwitz.

We apologize that neither of us keep our résumés particularly current. But in point of fact we have pretty full lives, and work for a high-quality employer, Carleton College, that we aren't in any hurry to leave.

If you're really interested in what we're up to, drop us a line.

Speaking of Carleton College, in March of 2008, while taking a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) class at Carleton, I discovered accidentally that my cell phone (a Nokia n95-2) could geocode JPEGs—and do it pretty accurately, too. The instructor told me that geocoded JPEGs could be placed automatically by Picasa (as well as Flickr and other photo services) on a map. Anyway, I got so excited that I went outside in the muck and snow, snapped pictures, set up a Picasa Web account, then uploaded my photos. Carleton is kind of pretty in the snow, isn't it?