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This directory contains a few whitepapers and publications I've
produced that might be of general interest.

  2ndyrheb      Second-year biblical Hebrew textbook from 1995
  accents       Automated proofreading of biblical Hebrew MSS
  bible         Use of the Bible in US public secondary schools; issues
  carleton_eds  Slides from a 2004 WashU talk on enterprise directory services
  chroots       Gus Day presentation on lightweight virtual machines
  datatel       Obsolete instructions on LDAP-izing WebAdvisor
  datawarehouse High-level explanation of what a data warehouse is
  dissertation  My 1992 dissertation on Tiberian Hebrew pausal forms
  ebook         Link to STG's now out-of-date Open eBook validator
  ezek44.20     Exegetical/philological paper on obscure Bible verse
  portal        Constructing a secure intranet gateway/portal
  proxy         Pass-through proxying for Library remote-access
  quran	        Link to Quran translations and the Quran Browser
  ucla          Slides from a 2001 UCLA talk on SRV-based OpenURL resolution
  web-auth      Overview/installation of web-authentication at Brown


Richard L. Goerwitz III